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      Add.: # 66 Chunfeng Rd., economic & technological development zone Yichun,
      Tel: +86-795-3156288、3156289
      Fax: +86-795-3156287
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      Musashino Chemical (China) Co.,Ltd. As Musashino Chemical Laboratory, Ltd. wholly foreign-owned enterprises in China, is the Musashino Group foothold in the Chinese market. To meet the supply for the global market, the company set up a subsidiary in Shanghai, the formation of Yichun production base in Shanghai for the export base of the logistics supply chain. And with Japan Musashino together, from Japan, China radiation to the Asian and global markets, to meet the needs of customers worldwide diversity.

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      Add.: # 66 Chunfeng Rd., economic & technological development zone Yichun,? Tel: +86-795-3156266 Fax: +86-795-3156287
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